Height Safety

Two ventral Anchorage loops with One metallic D-ring Two Lateral metallic D-rings for Work positioning Adjustable thigh and waist belt..

Confined Space

For telescopic legs holding at base provided adjustable polyamide webbing Lifepod is having an adjustable height of 1.5mtrs to 2.15mtrs..

Evacuation & Rescue

Safety Nets are made up of High Tenacity UV rays protective PP/ polyamide ISI marked Synthetic rope designed and tested for Personnel fall protection..

Quality Assurance

A consolidated team of more than 2000 people, each marching towards a common goal, and each backing one-another..

About Our Company

We believe in setting a benchmark rather than following others. The group's perfection and professionalism in their way of working makes it stand out as a leader. Our products and services offer custom made solutions. Our products are made up of superior quality material and crafted to perfection to suit your comfort and necessity. Years of research in height safety and providing fall protection solutions, prepares our organisation to launch Lifegearas we have for years, trained and served as consultants to some of the world’s top notch Corporates, Government Utilities and Infrastructure Projects. Pentasafe Academy is a company and is a part of RAJAN NIGAM GROUP which Specialises in Height Safety and Confined space Training & Consultancy. It is positioned as India's Numero Uno, number one Training solutions provider in height safety and confined space area. Our Research and In-depth knowledge of the subject backed up by over a decade of experience geared us to set up our Manufacturing Company- LifegearIt's the Knowledge, Competency, Experience and Passion of Height Safety that motivated us to venture in this field. Our Past records and achievements give us the edge, as being the leader in whatever initiatives we have taken from designing solutions to practically training people to ascend, descend, rescue workers from impossible situations in the industry.

"It's a life guard with a life line and a life long support, for a life time.